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Jrss steel is the leading provider of stainless steel products

Who We Are


Domestic and international markets, JRSS continues to incorporate stainless steel as an essential part of our illustrious growth and advancement.

Our product range and service offerings satisfy the quality and performance needs of a wide variety of demanding markets and applications. Our owned and managed business is proud to offer a wide ranging product portfolio, customized to unique solutions.


Sustainability drives everything we do. This is about addressing the big challenges we all face today. It is about how we can ensure a high quality of life, for all, both now and for generations to come. This means we need to balance economic prosperity and social equality with looking after the one planet on which we live.

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Our Services

Whatever your business and its development over time, our teams will help you avoid downtime and unexpected costs, for greater peace of mind. Besides our wide stock and our expertise amassed, we add value to our products through a large range of services:

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