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Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future, Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future

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Shipping Building

Jrss Steel is wholly committed to delivering quality raw materials that advances our oceanic frontier of transportation. With constant collaborative efforts, between our raw material suppliers and new technologies, Jrss Steel is focused on supplying quality materials to all ship manufacturers.

We are able to supply fully processed components quickly, responsively, and with unparalleled accuracy and quality.

At present, the hull steel of large civil ships in the world can be divided into two categories according to the strength, i.e. ordinary strength hull structural steel and high strength hull structural steel.

In recent years, with the rapid development of hull steel at home and abroad, there are significant changes in the standards for carbon and low alloy hull steel at home and abroad: the grades are indicated by strength grades; different quality grades are set; different chemical compositions and impact test performance indexes are specified according to different quality grades, which may cause a new grade in the new standard to contain several grades in the original standard; multiple heat treatments are added to the supply requirements.

With the continuous progress and development of modern science and technology, the construction of ships is becoming more and more large, and the share of this type of ships in the whole ship construction is also increasing. In order to improve the quality of ship construction, reduce the weight of ship structure and increase the load, the use of low-alloy high-strength steel for shipbuilding is growing and the number is increasing.

Low alloy high-strength steel, which requires not only high strength, but also good low temperature toughness and weldability, is a kind of material with both strength and toughness.

We can provide corresponding Shipbuilding products:

  • High-chrome alloy pipe that meets special chemistries and heat treatments
  • Pipe that comes normalized with charpy testing
  • Heads that go with pressure vessels
  • Pipe in unique sizes
  • Heavy cross sections for stern tube applications

Customers can procure corresponding pipe, tube, fittings and flanges to meet Shipbuilding. In addition to an extensive inventory, Jrss Steel Products offers partial fabrication, including cutting up and beveling kits. These value-added services ensure pipe comes fully tested, on-spec, and ready to use, so shipbuilders can save time and reduce costs.