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Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future, Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future

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Urban Gas

Based on the technological progress in the field of natural gas and the development of the new generation of steel materials, Jrss Steel put forward the way to introduce and develop the new generation of steel materials suitable for the field of natural gas, and established the concept and advanced specifications of steel for natural gas

The gas industry has high requirements for the pipe network. In order to ensure the safety of gas supply, the pipe network needs to have strong corrosion resistance. At the same time, due to the working environment of gas pipeline and the demand of engineering construction, the pipeline needs to have certain flexibility and high rigidity.

The steel pipe has a strong rigid strength, on the other hand, it has a strong corrosion resistance. Since its appearance, it has been widely used in many fields. In the gas industry, it can provide strong stiffness and strength, and the creep resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, tensile resistance and corrosion resistance can also meet the special needs of the gas industry, which also provides more choices for our gas industry.

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From our many years of experience, we know how important and decisive a trusting cooperation is for a successful project. This is why we rely on sustainable partnerships with a longterm character.

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Thanks to our elaborate manufacturing strategy and our integrated value chain, we can respond to customer requests in a highly flexible and quick manner. We supply your steel tube solutions punctually and reliably – all over the globe. This creates security for our customers.

Jrss Steel aggressively sources products both domestically and internationally from ISO certified mills. Traceability is maintained throughout the supply chain, and Jrss Steel Products is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards.