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Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future, Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future

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Throughout the development trend of urban construction in the world, steel structure bridges will replace concrete structure bridges and lead the new era of bridge construction.With the rapid development of economy, it provides a broad world for the expansion of living space and steel structure bridges

In existing bridges around the world, the bridges are either structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. Repairing and/or replacing these bridges with modern steel bridge designs must be a national priority. Steel bridges offer owners practical design and accelerated bridge construction solutions that are durable, cost-effective and offer ease of maintenance and construction. In fact, high-performance steels can save up to 18 percent of a bridge project’s cost.

Application of steel structure bridge

With the rapid development of urban construction and the increasingly mature and development of technologies such as fatigue, welding, vibration, design, manufacturing and construction of upper and lower structures of steel structure bridges, steel structure bridges have been widely used in railways, highways, highway and railway bridges and pedestrian overpasses.

Main forms of steel structure bridge

Steel arch bridge

The arch rib of load-bearing structure mainly bears axial force, with bending moment or very small bending moment. The main arch is mostly made of steel pipe. The main arch and cross beam can be hoisted separately and welded on site to solve the problem of excessive hoisting quality at one time. The on-site construction and hoisting are convenient and the construction period is greatly shortened. Its representatives are qingwujiang bridge, Sichuan Wanxian Yangtze River Bridge and Guangzhou Yajisha bridge.

Cable stayed bridge

It is composed of reinforced beam deck system and steel cable tower. Its deck system is steel box girder, composite girder and steel truss. Representatives include Nanjing Yangtze River Second Bridge and Wuhan Junshan Yangtze River Bridge.

Suspension bridge

The girder span is supported by the main cable fixed on the cable tower, which is mainly the load-bearing cable. It is suspended and stiffened by the sling, and the two ends of the main cable are anchored on the ground. Suspension bridge is the bridge with the largest span, and its maximum span can reach 4000m theoretically. It is the optimal bridge type for the bridge over km. Its representatives are Qingma bridge in Hong Kong, Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge, Humen Bridge in Guangdong, etc.

Advantages of steel structure bridge

The tensile strength, compressive strength and shear strength of steel are relatively high, the section of steel members is small, the self weight is light, the strength is high, the foundation cost is reduced, and it is also convenient for transportation and hoisting.

The good plasticity and toughness of steel make the seismic performance of steel structure bridge better.

The construction period is short. The material of steel structure can be rolled into many kinds of sections, which are easy to process and fast; the connection is simple and the installation is convenient.

The quality of steel bridge is easy to guarantee.

The steel structure is easy to transform in the use process, and the change is easy and flexible.

Steel structure is an environmental protection product.