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Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future, Embracing renewable sources of energy for ensuring sustainable future

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Standardised quality guarantees product safety

Focusing on quality, we can tailor product and process solutions to suit you.

We offer the superior products and services on the market quickly and securely. All products that we deliver adhere to the requirements and standards, and we continuously develop their quality in cooperation with our customers. We follow laws and regulations and act in accordance with the certificates that we have been granted. Acting responsibly towards our customers, suppliers, each other, and the environment is at the heart of our operations.

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations and keep creating services that provide added value for both parties. All our staff are committed to these jointly agreed goals for continuous improvement.

Quality that inspires customer confidence

The member companies of worldsteel are committed to a vision where steel is valued as a major foundation of a sustainable world. This is achieved by a financially sound industry that takes leadership in environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Quality System Certificate

Testing Facilities

  • Quality & Testing equipments include
  • Mechanical Testing & chemical testing
  • Sepctrometer
  • Digital hardness tester
  • Eddy current testing
  • PMI (Positive Metal Identification) tester for mix-up control and traceability
  • Hydro testing - For pipes & tubes done at 2500 Psi and above
  • Micro-scope with image analyzer for micro-structive test & analysis
  • Air under water testing
  • Universal testing machine

So that after many years also the durability and resilience of our products shine through.